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Thursday June 23
7:00 to 9:30
RSVP here to attend

8 Lessons Session starts the following week,
June 30 to August 18

This course is designed as an introduction to life drawing for beginners, ages 12 through adult. Students will draw from directly observing real people, (professional costumed models) using charcoal and pastels.

Students will learn how to analyse the complexity of the human form by using spontaneous line drawings that show the gesture, or movement of a pose, then adding simple geometric shapes such as cylinders, spheres and cubic shapes to give dimension to the torso, head, arms and legs of the figure.

Students will learn how to use light and shadow to enhance the 3-dimensional forms in their drawings. Color may also be added with pastels.

Since all the models will be costumed as fun characters, students will also learn how to draw clothing, so this is a good intro course for anyone who might be interested in a career in fashion design or animation art!
Course Fee: $450 which includes the model's fee.

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If you have any questions, please call Johanna @ 626-993-4021.


Drawing Faces & Figures
with instructor Johanna Girard

Intro to Life Drawing for Beginners
ages 12 to Adult

Come to the FREE TRIAL CLASS Thursday June 23 and get
a coupon to save $100 if you sign up that night!

Please bring the following art supplies to the trial class:

18" x 24" pad of Newsprint Paper
18" x 24" Drawing Board
at least 3 or 4 charcoal pencils (4B & 6B)
Compressed Charcoal Sticks
Chamois Cloth (for blending)
Kneaded Eraser & Pink Pearl eraser
Utilty Knife for sharpening the charcoal pencils
Sandpaper pad

All items are available locally at Dick Blick's Art Supplies (now Utrech;s Art Supplies) in Old Town Pasadena, Michael's and Aaron Bros. Art stores.